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What Do You Want in a Book Club?

I found the most interesting idea today for a book club, The Silent Book Club. It has taken off as a thing! Who knew? It's for those of us who need and want to carve out time to read. But there's no deadlines or democratic choices. It's just you, your book, and your food and drink of choice with others. I am a Social Reader and an extrovert, but I like this idea! 

I help many customers find their book club picks in my store. Here's a secret. *Whisper* Rarely are they excited about what their club is reading. Isn't that interesting? It seems most clubs choose the next book by democracy or by rotating through their members.

But what if you could still get together with other readers and read what you wanted? This would help you carve out time from your busy day in a place apart from work or home (I'm looking at you caregivers.) to just sit with a book. Your reader friends are your place to touch base without the pressure. After all, who needs more pressure? Maybe we could start in Nevada County at Paper & Ink Books. I would love to host one!

What do you want in a book club? Let me know in the comments. Paper & Ink is making plans and would love to hear from you.