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How To Support Your Local Used Bookstore: Why I've Decided to Work with Amazon

Please, booksellers, do what you gotta do to hold a space for us and our souls and our dreams of building beautiful things, in our towns and cities.
My spirit feels at home in bookstores. They exist as a statement that we, in our public squares, value enlightenment.
— Dar Williams

Here's how you can support your local used bookstore:

  1. Tell your friends.
  2. Visit to browse and pick out an unexpected treasure to take home.
  3. Remember us for gifts.
  4. Trade and sell us books that are clean and not damaged.
  5. Shop at Amazon without guilt.

This week, I added my Amazon affiliate link to my website's front page. In the 800 square feet of my store, I can offer about 22,000 books. I keep my choices focused so I can provide a clean and organized browsing experience for my customers, providing about 80% fiction. Used books of nonfiction titles are much more difficult as a bookseller to move and, honestly, are just not as easy to display nicely. My goal as a bookseller is to provide a browsing experience readers can enjoy which means I cannot possibly stock all the titles available.

Who can? Amazon sells 1.8 million different print books. Wow.

If you can't find the book you are looking for at Paper & Ink Books or are from out-of-town, I would so appreciate you visiting Amazon through my affiliate link. Amazon is Goliath, for sure, but I understand a customer's need for ease, not just in ordering books, but all the items they supply. If you visit them through this website, I receive a small kickback on whatever you order. AND, once you are done with the books you order, you can bring them to me or your local independent bookseller and receive a bit of kickback, too. 

Be reassured, creating, providing, and maintaining a bookstore for browsing in America's small towns is a labor of love. Booksellers truly love their work. I know I do. I can't begin to compete with Amazon. But if you shop there anyway, don't feel guilty for buying books that way. Just use my affiliate link first. Your simple click as you make your holiday purchases can help me start strong as I enter my second year as a bookseller and I will continue to hold space for "our souls and our dreams of building beautiful things, in our towns and cities."

Thank you SO much. 

Jenny Wells