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Six Reasons Children's Books Aren't Going Out of Style

At Jenny's Paper & Ink Books, my customers often wring their hands that books are going out of style. I understand this belief. However, I find that children enjoying paper and ink books as a unique experience is still going strong because it gives them what the bells and whistles of the screen life can't.

Children's imaginations are most connected and nurtured with tactile experiences. These include the turning of pages, concentrating on the still images of art and photographs with their color and mystery, and especially spending time with those reading to them. They also learn to be readers themselves which often delights them. My daughter, once she learned to read, read to her stuffed animals and dolls often and one of my sons taught himself to read by memorizing the books I read to him. 

Readers nurture readers. If you like to read, one of the easiest things you can pass on to the children in your life is the treasure of a good read. Many readers know this because books are still given to children, especially around the holidays. At the time of this writing, six out of the top eight bestselling books on Amazon are children's books. Here's a brief description of them and why they probably are selling well.

  1. The number one bestselling book on Amazon was online only twelve years ago. Diary of a Wimpy Kid continues to top the charts. It is THE number one book currently sold on Amazon. This series started as an online website, worth noting, in 2005 and received over 20 million views in just a few years. But the online readers wanted the book version. Twelve years later, the book version is still selling strong.
  2. The second book on the list is a board book. Board books are such great toys for toddlers. They might ask you to read it to them 200 times, but it's worth it to watch them fall in love with paper and ink books. 
  3. "Wonder" is such a wonderful story for children and adults. It's been a few years since I read it, but it's still on the bestseller list now, partly because it was made into a movie. I have yet to see a copy come in my store or find a used copy. I think readers hang onto it, including children. 
  4. Next, a joke book for kids. Of course! Children help us remember how to and love to make adults laugh because they're so much better at it. They always want new material.
  5. Then, there's a "lift-the-flap" book. Remember those? What child doesn't want to play "peek-a-boo", even with their books.
  6. And then we have a coloring book. What kind of coloring book? A farting animal coloring book! Yes!! Add bodily functions to any childhood activity including a paper and ink book and they are all in.

Currently one of the top ten selling books on Amazon.

Sometimes those of us who are older get teased about our old-fashioned ways or gifts. Believe me, I've done my share of teasing and have often been teased. But I think deep down, the young people in our lives want us to share our lives with them. The gift of a book is still appreciated.

By the way, I gave my ten year old niece this book for Christmas one year and she really, really liked it. The illustrated Harry Potter books are amazing! They are already such beloved stories yet the art enriches the stories so much, which, who knew that was even possible? I highly recommend them.

Thanks for reading! And happy reading paper and ink books to you, as well.



Jenny Wells