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What Books Are You Reading in November? These are Mine.


I feel like I am reading all the time, but in reality, as a bookstore owner, I actually read more book covers and lists then books I read for pleasure. But one of my disciplines as a business owner is to get in bed at least 20-30 minutes before I need to shut the lights off so I can read for pleasure. Also, despite my commitment to the art of the paper and ink book, I do listen to nonfiction books while I drive and memoirs for about 15 minutes once my bedside lamp is shut off. 

Side note:

Customers ask me everyday if I've read a certain book. I am able to talk about books very well, but in my store of about 20,000 titles, I can read about 50/year. Inside I smile sheepishly and then proceed to tell them everything I know about the book including what I learn from other customers. This year I have truly learned that there are so many books and so little time.

In November so far, my before bed read was "Do Not Become Alarmed" by Maile Meloy. I gave it four out of five stars and wrote my full review here. I picked this one up last August because it was in Modern Mrs. Darcy's summer reading guide and I am all about family dynamics during a crisis in longterm marriages right now. Good stories are cheaper than therapy, after all, though I do recommend both *smile*.

Now I am reading, "The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo" by Taylor Jenkins Reid. I must be interested in fictional takes of media stories and celebrities right now because this book is a bit like Elizabeth Taylor's story and one of my October reads, "Young, Jane Young" by Gabrielle Zevin was a Monica Lewinsky type story. 

I've also finished "The Fortune Cookie Principle: The 20 Keys to a Great Brand Story and Why Your Business Needs One" by Bernadette Jiwa. I've been taking The Marketing Seminar with Seth Godin the last two months and he recommended it, among many others. Seth Godin's work makes my brain hurt, but it is so helpful once I grasp his theories! As a business owner of a brick and mortar store of what some people think is a dying technology (it's not!) means I have to get creative about what I can offer moving forward. The fortune cookie principle basically boils down to the reality that we buy the fortune cookie for the fortune, not the cookie. So what are people actually buying when they buy a book from my shop? I've been thinking about this a lot lately. Also, with this principle, I will be releasing a new product next year. I'm excited about it. Stay tuned!

Is that it? I think it is. When I bought my business last January, I committed to reading a book a week. With all the great TV on these days, it's been easier than ever for me to put the book down. But Goodreads tells me I'm only two books behind my goal for the year. That's exciting! 

How do you keep track of the books you've read? You wouldn't believe the detailed and complicated paper and ink lists I see in my shop. I might start asking my customers if I can share a picture of them with you. They're quite impressive!

May you enjoy a good story, readers.

Until next time,


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