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About Jenny


Jenny loves paper and ink books. She loves to find them, take care of them, and read them. Her mother's pride and joy was that Jenny taught herself to read at age four. As a child, Jenny visited the library weekly and read every one in the large stack she brought home. 

When Jenny won Best Journalism Student in the eighth grade, she figured this meant she was going to become a journalist like her dad. She started college majoring in journalism, but later became a Human Development major and that's what she ended up doing, developing humans. As a stay-at-home and homeschooling mom, if she did one thing well, she read to her children. A lot. Jenny taught literature and writing to other students as well during this time. One of her highlights was helping junior high students fall in love with Shakespeare when she helped them perform Twelfth Night. 

With her sons both in college and her daughter attending the local high school, Jenny found herself in a major life transition. It was at that time that a local bookstore came up for sale. In January 2017, Jenny officially became a brick-n-mortar bookstore owner. It is her joy to interact with stories, both the ones on the shelf and in her customer's lives, every day. Intersecting the two is some of the most fulfilling work she has ever done.

Trading & Buying Books Policies

Jenny accepts books in exchange for a store credit or cash. If Jenny can use a book you bring, you can choose between receiving 20% store credit or 10% cash of the retail price of the book.

Jenny rarely accepts books that are duplicates of what she already has in the store.

Jenny only accepts paperbacks unless the hardback has been recently released and is not yet available in paperback. She provides $4 of store credit or $2 cash for those copies.

If you bring Jenny a book she can place on her New Releases & Best Seller's shelves, you will receive an extra dollar towards your credit slip.

Jenny rarely accepts nonfiction books that are referenced based with information that can be found online.

If you have more than two grocery bags worth of books you are interested in Jenny considering, it is in your best interest to call and discuss with Jenny the best time for you to bring them.

Jenny only accepts donations she can resell. Donating what she cannot use is the responsibility of the customer unless otherwise arranged. Purchasing a book at Jenny's does not guarantee she can buy it back.

Credit slips are honored up to one year from when they are issued.

*The ultimate decision on whether to accepts books is left to store operator. Bringing in a book in good condition does not guarantee it can be accepted.